Welcome.  I am a Professor in the Political Science department at the University of Kentucky.  I also serve as the department chair.  My research currently focuses on domestic conflict/instability, coups d'état, regime types and democratization, and international education policy.  You can find a list of my published and working papers at the link on the right.

My books include Political Analysis for the Rest of Us: An Accessible Take on the Science of Political Science (2nd ed., Van Griner, 2019) and How International Relations Affect Civil Conflict: Cheap Signals, Costly Consequences (Lexington Books, 2009).  Other published work can be found in places like The Journal of Politics, The British Journal of Political Science, Social Science Quarterly, International Studies QuarterlyThe Journal of Conflict ResolutionComparative Political Studies, The Journal of Peace Research, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Conflict Management and Peace Science.

My teaching interests are diverse.  At the graduate level, I have taught our introductory statistics course, our introductory IR seminar, and a seminar on Civil Conflict.  At the undergraduate level, I have taught our introductory IR course, Contemporary Global Conflicts, Civil Conflict, Political Analysis, and Introduction to Peace Studies.

Clayton Thyne

1625 Patterson Office Tower

University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY 40506-0027

859-257-6958 (office)

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