Guidelines for Phil-Action-L

List Owner and Moderator: Christian Perring <>

SUBJECT MATTER: The main topic for discussion of this list is the
philosophy of action.  Other possible topics include the nature of autonomy
and free will, philosophical issues in the explanation of action in
psychology or the social sciences, moral psychology and ethical theory.

PURPOSEThis list was set up for people already familiar with the
basic literature in philosophy concerning the topics of this list,
who are interested in discussion with peers.
  If the list goes
according to plan, it will involve substantive debate, reviews
of recent articles and books, and the exchange of references to
philosophical literature.  Ideally, this list will be especially useful for
those who are active in research but have few or no people with whom they
can discuss their ideas face to face on an everyday basis.

MEMBERSHIP.  Currently membership of the list is open to anyone.  The list
will be of primary interest to professional philosophers and philosophy
graduate students.

POSTING AND NETIQUETTE.  This is meant to be a low volume list.  Members
are encouraged not to respond to posts immediately, but rather to take time
in responding to each other.  Politeness is important, especially since it
is so easy for internet mailing lists to degenerate into insult and
squabbling.  Chatting and frivolous posts are strongly discouraged.  Should
two members start getting into a discussion that is unlikely to be of any
interest to any others on the list, they should take it to private e-mail.

ENFORCEMENT.  I want to keep this list open to all, but my primary
intention is to keep it useful and interesting, and I will do what I can to
ensure this happens.  Should anyone persistently go against the guidelines
for the list, he or she will be removed from the list.  As list owner and
dictator, I have the final say about these matters.

To SUBSCRIBE, send mail to the automated server


with, in the BODY of the message,

SUBSCRIBE PHIL-ACTION-L <yourfirstname yourlastname>

(Do not include any other lines, and try to avoid including a signature.)

You will then be sent a message asking you to confirm your subscription,
which is a simple operation of replying, with OK in the body of the reply.


CONFIDENTIALITY.  Only list-members can post to this list and find out who
else is on the list.  Some members may want to take the extra step of using
the 'SET PHIL-ACTION-L CONCEAL' command, which prevents even list members
from finding out that you are subscribed to the list.  Obviously you give
your e-mail
address away if you post to the list.

DIGESTS.  It is possible to 'SET PHIL-ACTION-L DIGEST' so that you do not
recieve each individual posting, but instead a digest of each day's posts
once a day.

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