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The Internet as a Tax Haven?: The Effect of the Internet on Tax Competition

-Video of talk at Universität Siegen.

Sales Taxation, Spatial Agglomeration and the Internet

A Spatial Model with Discrete Policy Choices that May Not Match: The Case of Regulatory Competition

Commodity Taxation with Honesty, Avoidance and Evasion: Evidence from the United States

Relocation of the Rich: Migration in Response to Tax Rate Changes from Spanish Reforms

State Tax Differentials, Cross-Border Commuting,and Commuting Times in Multi-state Metropolitan Areas

Taxes in an e-Commerce Generation

The Tax Gradient: Do Local Sales Taxes Reduce Tax Differentials at State Borders?

LOST in America: Evidence on Local Sales Taxes from National Panel Data

Games Within Borders: Are Geographically Differentiated Taxes Optimal?

Inter-federation Competition: Sales Tax Externalities with Multiple Federations