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D. Stephen Voss

Assistant Professor

University of Kentucky Department of Political Science

List of Courses Taught

I take teaching very seriously, perhaps too seriously for my own good. This dedication to the undergraduate program led me to be appointed Director of Undergraduate Studies for three years now (the first year as co-director), and also brought me the Alumni Association's Great Teacher Award. Teaching evaluations for my undergraduate Political Science courses are consistently very high; I received 3.9 out of 4 on overall teaching for both of my Spring 2006 courses, including one that was a newly created course that I was covering for the first time. Before moving to the University of Kentucky, I taught many courses at Harvard University, especially during the two years I took off to earn money. I won Harvard's primary teaching award, a Certificate of Distinction from the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, at least once for every course in which my performance was evaluated quantitatively. My experience includes lecture courses, seminars, tutorials and discussion sections.

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