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PhD George Washington
MA Wisconsin
BA California (Davis)

Courses (click for syllabus):

DIP 720Economic Statecraft
DIP 725 Geopolitical Modeling
DIP 735 Energy Security
DIP 740 Globalization


Phone: 859-257-6928

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Brief Biography:

Evan Hillebrand is Professor of Geoeconomic Studies and serves as director of graduate studies. He teaches courses in Geopolitical Modeling, Economic Statecraft, Globalization, and Energy Security. Before coming to the Patterson School in 2004, Dr. Hillebrand served over 30 years as an economic analyst and econometric modeler with the Central Intelligence Agency. He was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.

His research interests include long-term economic growth, global poverty, foreign trade, economic power, and the modeling of political relationships. He is a collaborator with the International Futures Project at the University of Denver and he has consulted for the National Intelligence Council, the Departments of State and Energy, the United Nations,the European Union, and the Shanghai Institute of American Studies.

Current Vita

Research and Publications:

Economic Sanctions and the Sanctions Paradox: A Post-Sample Validation of Daniel Drezner's Conflict Expectations Model (2013)
Backtracking from Globalization (2011)
Deglobalization Scenarios: Who Wins? Who Loses? (2010)
Poverty, Growth, and Inequality Over the Next 50 Years (2009
The Global Distribution of Income in 2050 (2008)
How Will Future Oil Prices Affect Geopolitics? (2008)
Exploring and Shaping International Futures (2006)