Did you know that a bandura is a musical instrument?

It is often described as the voice of Ukraine. From a musical perspective, the bandura unifies acoustic principles of both the lute and the harp. This produces a sound that is both emphatic and gentle, resembling that of a harpsichord, but with a wider range of dynamics and tonal control. There are different banduras in concert use. The Kyiv bandura, which has 55 to 64 strings tuned chromatically, is mass produced and is commonly played in concerts. The classical bandura (on the left), tuned diatonically with some 20 strings and wooden pegs, is more refined. The Kharkiv bandura, which is tuned diatonically or chromatically with a single string mechanism and 34 to 65 strings, is not well known or in common use, but the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus has adopted it as their instrument of choice because of its great technical versatility.

Makes one think, doesn't it?

And here you have a Kharkiv (left), a Kyiv (center), and a Canada (right) Bandura.

Now, aren't you a little richer for knowing this?

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