Time Line of Bandura's Life

1925   Born in Mundare, Alberta, Canada
1946   Graduated from high school
1949   Completed B.A., University of British Columbia
1951   Completed M.A., University of Iowa
1952   Completed Ph.D., University of Iowa, Clinical Psychology
1952   Married Virginia Varns
1953   Instructor, Stanford University
1954   Daughter Mary is born
1958   Daughter Carol is born
1959   Published Adolescent Aggression
1963   Published Social Learning and Personality Development
1964   Professor, Stanford University
1964   Fellow, American Psychological Association
1969   Published Principles of Behavior Modification
1969   Special Research Fellowship, National Institute of Mental Health
1969   Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
1971   Published Psychological Modeling: Conflicting Theories
1972   Distinguished Scientist Award, Division 12, American Psychological Association
1972   Guggenheim Fellowship
1973   Published Aggression: A Social Learning Analysis
1973   American Men and Women of Science
1973   Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award, California Psychological Association
1974   President, American Psychological Association
1974   David Starr Jordan Professor of Social Science in Psychology, Stanford University
1976   Chair, Dept of Psychology, Stanford University
1977   Published Social Learning Theory
1978-present   Who's Who in America
1979   Honorary Doctor of Science, University of British Columbia
1980   President, Western Psychological Association
1980   Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1980   Distinguished Contribution Award, International Society for Research on Aggression
1980   Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award, American Psychological Association
1982   Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
1983   Honorary Degree, University of Lethbridge
1985   Honorary Degree, University of New Brunswick
1986   Published Social Foundations of Thought and Action: A Social Cognitive Theory
1987   Honorary Degree, State University of New York, Stony Brook
1988   Sir Walter Scott Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia
1989   William James Award, American Psychological Society
1989   Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences
1990   Honorary Degree, University of Waterloo
1990   Honorary Degree, Freie Universitat Berlin
1991   Bandura's grandchildren, Timmy and Andy, are born to daughter Carol
1992   Honorary Degree, University of Salamanca
1993   Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Indiana University
1994   Honorary Degree, University of Rome
1995   Published Self-Efficacy in Changing Societies
1995   Honorary Degree, University of Leiden
1995   Honorary Degree, Alfred University
1997   Published Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control
1998   Distinguished Lifetime Contributions Award, California Psychological Association, 1998
1999   Honorary Degree, Pennsylvania State University
1999   E. L . Thorndike Award, American Psychological Association
2000   Honorary President, Canadian Psychological Association
2001   Prof. Bandura visits Atlanta and dines with Prof. Pajares and his doctoral students, Gio and Shari
2002   Honorary Degree, City University of New York, Universitat Jaume I
2004   Lifetime Achievement Award, Western Psychological Association
2004   James McKeen Cattell Award, American Psychological Society
2004   Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology, American Psychological Association
2004   Honorary Degree, University of Athens
2005   Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Iowa
2006   Career Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions in Self-Concept Research, Self-Centre
2007   Dinner in Atlanta with Prof. Pajares and his students
2008   Grawemeyer Award in Psychology