Adolescence and Education, Volume I
General Issues in the Education of Adolescents

Edited by Tim Urdan and Frank Pajares

Published Fall 2001

Table of Contents

Tim Urdan and Frank Pajares

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  1. Is Adolescence Here to Stay? Historical Perspectives on Youth and Education
    Barbara Finkelstein

  2. A Goal Theory Perspective on the Current Status of Middle Level Schools
    Carol Midgley

  3. The Social Structure of the American High School
    Sanford M. Dornbursch and Jeanne G. Kaufman

  4. Social Relationships and School Adjustment
    Kathryn R. Wentzel and Ann A. Battle

  5. Teaching Adolescents: Engaging Developing Selves
    Anita Woolfolk Hoy, Peter Demerath, and Stephen Pape

  6. Motivation in the Second Decade of Life: The Role of Multiple Developmental Trajectories
    Akane Zusho and Paul R. Pintrich

  7. The Effects and Implications of High Stakes Achievement Tests for Adolescents
    Marguerite Clarke, Lisa Abrams, and George Madaus

  8. Race and Gender Influences on Teen Parenting: An Identity-Focused Cultural-Ecological Perspective
    Margaret Beale Spencer, Lauren J. Silver, Gregory Seaton, Sharon R. Tucker, Michael Cunningham, and Vinay Harpalani

  9. Dropping Out of High School: Detours in the Life Course
    Philip Kaufman