Adolescence and Education, Volume II
Academic Motivation of Adolescents

Edited by Frank Pajares and Tim Urdan

Table of Contents

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Frank Pajares and Tim Urdan

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  1. Achieving Self-Regulation: The Trial and Triumph of Adolescence
    Barry Zimmerman

  2. Self-Efficacy and Adolescents' Motivation
    Dale H. Schunk and Samuel D. Miller

  3. Adolescents' Expectancies for Success and Achievment Task Values During the Middle and High School Years
    Allan Wigfield and Stephen Tonks

  4. The Pivotal Role of Frames of Reference in Academic Self-Concept Formation: The Big Fish Little Pond Effect
    Herbert W. Marsh and Rhonda G. Craven

  5. Adolescents' Achievement Goals: Situating Motivation in Socio-Cultural Contexts
    Avi Kaplan and Martin L. Maehr

  6. Rewards and Intrinsic Motivation: A Needs-based Developmental, Perspective
    Martin V. Covington

  7. What Adolescents Need: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Development within Families, School, and Society
    Jennifer G. La Guardia and Richard M. Ryan

  8. From Duty to Desire: The Role of Students' Future Time Perspective and Instrumentality Perceptions for Study Motivation and Self-Regulation
    Willy Lens, Joke Simons, and Siegfried Dewitte

  9. Interest and Adolescence
    Suzanne Hidi and Mary Ainley

  10. Social Determinants of Public Behavior of Middle School Youth: Perceived Peer Norms and Need to be Accepted
    Jaana Juvonen and R. Jean Cadigan

  11. Development and Consequences of Stereotype Vulnerability in Adolescents
    Joshua Aronson and Catherine Good

  12. Studying Motivation to Learn from the Perspective of the Person, the Lifespace, and the Lifespan during Early Adolescence: A Holistic Perspective
    Robert W. Roeser and Mollie Galloway