Adolescence and Education, Volume III
International Perspectives on Adolescence

Edited by Frank Pajares and Tim Urdan

Published Fall 2003

Table of Contents

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Frank Pajares and Tim Urdan

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  1. The Education of Persons in Multicultural Canada
    Jack Martin, Jeff Sugarman, and Sarah Hickinbottom

  2. Educating Adolescents in Australia: Motivation and the Middle School Years
    Dennis McInerney, Katrina Simpson, and Martin Dowson

  3. Cognitive Style and School Performance in Adolescents: A UK Perspective
    Richard J. Riding

  4. The Long Transition of Adulthood: An Italian View
    Gian Vittorio Caprara, Eugenia Scabini, and Giovanni B. Sgritta

  5. Adolescence in Dutch Culture: A Self-Regulation Perspective
    Monique Boekaerts

  6. Tools for Life-Long Learning: The Growing Emphasis on Learning-to-Learn Competencies and ICT in Adolescent Education in Finland
    Markku Niemivirta and Sanna Järvelä

  7. Dialectic Contradictions in the Experiences of Israeli Jewish Adolescents: Efficacy and Stress, Closeness and Friction, and Conformity and Non Compliance
    Ofra Mayseless and Gavriel Salomon

  8. Adolescents' Self-Image in Lebanon: Implications for Education
    Huda Ayyash-Abdo

  9. Career Education and Development of Adolescents in Argentina
    Edgardo R. Pérez and Maria C. Osuna

  10. Adolescence and Education: Contemporary Trends in Brazilian Research
    José A. Bzuneck and Evely Boruchovitch

  11. High School Education in Peru: A Third World Perspective
    Juana Pinzas

  12. Youth Identity and Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa
    Crain Soudien and Joy Alexander

  13. Adolescent Education in Hong Kong and Mainland China: Effects of Culture and Context of Learning on Chinese Adolescents
    Farideh Salili, Hui Zhou, and Rumjahn Hoosain

  14. Characteristics and Problems for the Development of Adolescents in Taiwan
    Der-Hsiang Huang

  15. Choices, Evaluations, and Opportunities for Success: Academic Motivation of Korean Adolescents
    Mimi Bong

  16. Education of Adolescents in India: Context and Constraints
    T. S. Saraswathi, Nandini Manjrekar, and Prarthana Pant

  17. Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulated Learning Practices in Learning Science Among Adolescents: A Malaysian Case Study
    Heng-Loke Siow and Mary Siew-Lian Wong

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