Italo Calvino

"Memory's images, once they are fixed in words, are erased." Invisible Cities, p. 87.

"In politics, as in every other sphere of life, there are two important principles for a man of any sense: don't cherish too many illusions, and never stop believing that every little bit helps." The Watcher, p. 4.

"You become accustomed to anything, and more quickly than you think."
The Watcher, p. 16.

"Humanity reaches as far as love reaches; it has no frontiers except those we give it."
The Watcher, p. 64.

"Everyone knows those moments when you seem to understand everything; perhaps the next moment you try to define what you've understood and it all vanishes."
The Watcher, p. 65.

"Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognizes the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have." Invisible Cities, p. 29.

"When I find myself in an environment where I can enjoy the illusion of being invisible, I am really happy." "Hermit in Paris"

"In my relations with the world I have moved from exploration to consultation, that is to say that the world is a collection of data which is there, independent of me, data which I can compare, combine, transmit, maybe even occasionally enjoy, but always slightly from the outside." ~ Italo Calvino, "Hermit in Paris"

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