Self-Efficacy, Adaptation, and Adjustment : Theory, Research, and Application (Plenum Series in Social/Clinical Psychology)
by James E. Maddux (Editor). Published by Plenum, May 1995, ISBN: 0306448750

For researchers and scientifically oriented practitioners (clinical and otherwise), provides reviews of the research on many of the most important topics concerned with the relationship between self-efficacy and adaptation and adjustment. The volume is organized into five sections. Part I offers an introduction to self-efficacy theory and research and discusses some important conceptual issues. Part II describes applications in clinical psychology; Part III, applications in health psychology; and Part IV, various other applications. Part V consists of commentary chapters by editor Maddux, Irving Kirsch, and Albert Bandura. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Self-Efficacy Theory: An Introduction
By James E. Maddux
Ch. 2. Self-Efficacy and Adjustment: Basic Principles and Issues
By James E. Maddux, John Lewis
Ch. 3. Self-Efficacy and Anxiety and Phobic Disorders
By S. Lloyd Williams
Ch. 4. Self-Efficacy and Addictive Behaviors
By Carlo C. DiClemente, Scott K. Fairhurst, Nancy A. Piotrowski
Ch. 5. Self-Efficacy and Depression
By James E. Maddux, Lisa J. Meier
Ch. 6. Self-Efficacy and Healthy Behavior: Prevention, Promotion, and Detection
By James E. Maddux, Lawrence Brawley, Angela Boykin
Ch. 7. Self-Efficacy and Recovery from Heart Attack: Implications for a Social-Cognitive Analysis
of Exercise and Emotion By Craig K. Ewart
Ch. 8. Self-Efficacy and the Physiological Stress Response
By Ann O'Leary, Shirley Brown
Ch. 9. Self-Efficacy and Career Choice and Development
By Gail Hackett, Nancy Betz
Ch. 10. Self-Efficacy and Education and Instruction
By Dale M. Schunk
Ch. 11. Collective Efficacy
By Steven Zaccaro, Virginia Blair, Christopher Peterson, Michelle Zazanis
Ch. 12. Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectancy: A Concluding Commentary
By Irving Kirsch
Ch. 13. On Rectifying Conceptual Ecumemism
By Albert Bandura
Ch. 14. Looking for Common Ground: A Comment on Kirsch and Bandura
By James E. Maddux