Student: Bill Hitchcock
Reporting Period: 3
Academic Year: 2009-2010
Academic Legend
A Exemplary
B Proficient
C Progressing
U Unsatisfactory
Skill/Behavior Legend
4 Consistently
3 Usually
2 Occasionally
1 Rarely
* Denotes a modified standard. See the Progress Report for additional information.
Course: MATH 6 Instructor: Eaarp, Wyatt

B* Achievement
4 Homework
3 Use of class time
4 Cooperation with peers and adults
Comments : Occasionally has difficulty staying on task.
Class Description: Bill has been working on individualized plan for math. His focus has been on mastering the basics of division while strengthening his fluency with math facts. He has been doing some conceptual exercises to expose him to fractions, which is the standard curriculum for 6th grade, and hopefully he will be able to begin some computational manipulation of fractions towards the end of the school year if he contiues at this rate of progress.
Course: Read 180 6-8 Instructor: Holliday, Doc

B Achievement
2 Use of class time
4 Cooperation with peers and adults
Comments : Although Bill works hard to complete tasks, he can be easily distracted and causes him to lose his focus. He has shown much growth this year through his computer work. He does very well in the area of spelling. He needs to keep reading independently.
Class Description: This nine week period we have analyzed expository writing, and identified story elements. These include setting, characters, and plot. We also read and listened to poetry selections. We have written a literature review that included our reaction to what we read and written a summary of what we read. We read about the author, Edgar Allan Poe. We have also worked on these reading skills: synonyms, word families, using a dictionary, multiple meaning words, homophones, compound words, use of commas with introductory words, irregular verbs, present and past tense verbs, subject-verb agreement, and use of possessives. Our computer work included reading comprehension, vocabulary study, and spelling. Independent reading helps us build on our studied skills and practice improves our overall reading ability.
Course: SCIENCE 6 Instructor: Munney, William

B Achievement
3 Homework
3 Use of class time
3 Cooperation with peers and adults
Class Description: During this nine weeks students have learned about the forces that change the Earth. Students have completed experiments along with writing about science concepts to practice scientific skills.
Course: Social Studies 6 Instructor: Cogburn, Rooster

B Achievement
3 Homework
3 Use of class time
3 Cooperation with peers and adults
Comments :Bill is respectful and well mannered during class. He also works hard to complete his work.
Class Description: This nine weeks we have been working on several concepts. Our focus has been the cultural region of Africa. We have learned to use a variety of geogrpahy tools to interpret patterns on the earth's surface, to analyze the physical and human characteristics of place, and the advantages and disadvantages that are created by those characteristics. We have also learned to analyze the aspects of culture and how they apply to the region of Africa. Not only have we studied the reasons why human populations change, but also looked at the basics of successful and non-successful economies. As we closely looked at Africa, we learned that the physical envorionment can promote and limit human activities (ex. the Nile River)