The purpose of this report is to communicate the level of achievements and progress on academic standards, as well as, conduct.
Anthony Davis
Reporting Period: 3
Academic Year: 2011-2012
Academic Legend
M Meets the period expectations
W Working toward the standard
AC Area of concern
Conduct Legend
3 Consistently
2 Occasionally
1 Rarely
* Denotes a modified standard. See the Progress Report for additional information.
Math-Grade 1 - John Calipari
W    Number & Operations in Base Ten
Anthony did well with addition and subtraction facts to 10 but needs to continue to work on facts to 20.
9 Week Overview: This 9 weeks we have been working on addition and subtraction to 20. In addition to the traditional addition and subtraction problems, we have also been doing missing addend problems like 4 + ____ = 9 and _____ - 7 = 17. These are a little more difficult for the students. Also balanced equations were taught as well. (7+1 = 9-1)

Reading-Grade 1 - Rod Strictland
W    Language
W    Foundational Skills
M    Reading: Literature/Informational
M    Speaking and Listening
W    Writing
Anthony is a good reader and has good writing skills as well. He needs to work on consistently capitalizing and punctuating his sentences correctly.
9 Week Overview: This 9 weeks in reading we have studied both fiction and non-fiction. In fiction we discussed character, setting, sequence, and point of view. We also compared characters in stories. In non-fiction we learned how to find key details, how to use the different text features and compared two texts on the same topic. We are also learning how to ask and answer questions about both types of books. In Language we are learning about adjectives, verbs, word endings and multiple meaning words. In Foundational Skills we are still working on capitalizing our first letters in the sentence, segmenting words and building fluency. Writing we are forming opinions on everything from the weather to cafeteria lunches. We are also writing narratives from personal experiences. We use our Speaking and Listening regularly when we discuss books and topics. The students did an excellent job presenting their favorite author projects.

Science-Grade 1 - Mitch Barnhardt
M    Earth/Space Science
9 Week Overview: This 9 weeks we studied types of weather, types of clouds (cumulus, stratus and cirrus) and properties of matter (solid, liquid and gas).

Soc Studies-Grade 1 -John Calipari
M    Economics
9 Week Overview: This 9 weeks we learned about goods and services, wants and needs and geographic land forms.

Conduct - John Calipari
3    Comes prepared for class
2    Follows Directions
3    Respects others and their property
2    Uses self control to complete classwork independently
3    Works cooperatively
Anthony has had some trouble staying on task this 9 weeks and getting work finished. Hopefully he can get herself back on track. He is a good student and I would hate this to give her problems.
9 Week Overview: The conduct scores reflect our desire to see students not only excel academically, but to be Glendover EAGLES

Expect success
Actions are my responsibility
Give my personal best
Look at my attitude
Everyone will be treated with respect
Strive for excellence

0    Days Absent
1    Days Tardy