Secondary Report Card
Student: T. Neduts
Reporting Period: 1

Achievement Grades Standard Marks
A Exemplary 4 Exemplary
B Proficient 3 Proficient
C Basic 2 Basic
U Unsatifactory 1 Struggling
* Based on modified standard(s). See the Progress Report

Process Marks
++ Consistently
+ Moderately
- Rarely

Algebra I – Mathematics 200: Mr. Parker
Academic Achievement C
Solving 3
Application 2
Graphical Representations 1
Communication 2
Process Goals
Participation ++
Homework -
Cooperation ++
Punctuality +

Description / Comments:
This reporting period we studied probability, statistics, and the beginning units of Algebra I. We completed units on solving one-variable equations and applying one-variable equations to real world situations. Our next major unit of study will be linear functions. We included the following mathematics standards: measures of central tendency, choosing appropriate graphs, interpreting graphs, misleading statistics, polygons, lines and angles. We will conclude the geometry unit at the beginning of the next quarter. Taylor needs to work on focus and attention during class.

Taylor also had several low assessment scores but chose not to retake them. With improved attention and retaking low assessments, I am sure Taylor’s grades will improve rapidly.

Biology I – Science 205: Mrs. Krall
Academic Achievement A
Disciplinary Core Ideas 4
Cross Cutting Concepts 3
Science and Engineering Practices 3
Process Goals
Participation +
Homework ++
Cooperation +
Punctuality -

Description / Comments:
During this quarter we worked on the chemistry foundations for understanding biology. This included the following standards: properties of matter, the Periodic Table, chemical bonding, and balancing chemical equations

Taylor has done an outstanding job this reporting period. Independent work was very thorough and extremely well done. Taylor grasps ideas very quickly and sometimes moves on without understanding it thoroughly. I was very happy to see Taylor break that habit and really keep on top of the material.

Physical Education – Team Sports 200: Mrs. Sandidge
Academic Achievement B
Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns 3
Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics 3
Engages regularly in physical activity 2
Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others 3
Process Goals
Participation ++
Cooperation +
Punctuality +

Description / Comments:
In this reporting period students were introduced to the basic skills and techniques of basketball. They practices dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork, rebounding, defense, and combining individual offensive and defensive techniques into play patterns.

Taylor excelled in footwork and defensive positioning, and felt much more comfortable playing defense. Offense was more of a struggle for Taylor, mostly because of lack of confidence in individual ball handling skills. We will revisit basketball in the next reporting period. I have given Taylor a set of drills to help develop basic scoring moves that should help enhance that offensive confidence.