Required Co-Teaching Training : Page 1 of 9

Prior to student teacher placement, a cooperating teacher/university supervisor shall receive training approved by the Education Professional Standards Board and provided at no cost to the cooperating teacher/university supervisor by the educator preparation institution which shall include the following components: 

  • basic responsibilities of the cooperating teacher
  • best practices in supporting the student teacher
  • effective assessment of the student teacher

This online learning has been developed by the Offfice of Educator Licensure and Effectiveness (OELE) to provide Part A training for cooperating teachers/university supervisors. Once you reach the end of the materials and confrm your completion, you will be given a link to a google form to complete. 

Training for Parts B and C are facilitated by the student teacher's educator preparation provider (EPP). Please, refer to the EPP protocol and training materials to complete all co-teaching training requirements.