Biogeography Specialty Group Award Recipients
James J. Parsons Distinguished Career Award
The Parsons Award, named in honor of long-time University of California-Berkeley professor James J. Parsons, was created in 1998 to recognize outstanding lifetime achievements in the field of biogeography.  Criteria used to assess a candidate’s merit for this award include a distinguished research career, remarkable dedication to the development of undergraduate and graduate students in biogeography, and outstanding service to the discipline.
2022 Lori Daniels University of British Columbia - Vancouver  
2021 Kathy Parker University of Georiga  
2020 Janet Franklin University of California - Riverside  
David Butler
Texas State University - San Marcos
Glen MacDonald
University of Southern California
Sally Horn
University of Tennessee
Al Parker
University of Georgia
William Baker
University Wyoming
Thomas Veblen
University of Colorado - Boulder
George Malanson
University of Iowa
Martin Kellman
York University
Julian Szeicz
Queen's University of Ontario
Tom Vale
University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Clarissa Kimber
Texas A&M University