Spring 2023
ENS 202 - Environment and Sustainability II
Natural Sciences and Policy
J. Anthony Stallins
University of Kentucky
Dept of Geography

1. The world viewed through sense, mind and context: where science and policy begin

12 The Lost Norse (Science)
17 We Cannot Live By Skepticism Alone (Nature)
19 Who Would Kill a Monk Seal? (NYTimes)
24 Birds Aren't Real or Are They? (NYTimes)
31 Test 1


2. Order, disorder and complexity: how conceptions of change relate to policy

7 The Game of Life
9 Has the Amazon Reached a Tipping Point (NY Times)
14 Super Tipping Points Could Trigger Cascade of Climate Action (The Guardian)
21 Test 2

3. Comprehending prediction and human behavior as part of policy

28 How to Convince People to Eat Insects (PNAS)
Mar 2 The Evolution of Trust
7 Tit for Tat (Radiolab)
10 Test 3
4. The foundation of sustainability: the coexistence of life forms
23 Of Bombs and Butterflies
28 Trophy
30 A Taste of Whale
Apr 4 Test 4

5. Science and policy for the Anthropocenes

13 The Brilliant Inventor Who Made Two of History's Biggest Mistakes (NYT)
18 Blanket Bans on Fossil Fuels Will Entrench Poverty (Nature)
20 The Climate Profit Buried in Scotland's Bogs (NYT)
25 Prep day
27 Reading day
    Test 5: Posted online in Canvas Monday May 1st and due Thursday May 4th by 11:59 pm