If you want to acknowledge/reference SLControl

SLControl has been made available for free download at this web-site. While you are more than welcome to use it in your own work, an appropriate acknowledgement in talks/seminars would be appreciated.

If you are writing a manuscript and wish to reference SLControl, the best way is to refer people to the AJP paper published in 2003. The URL is http://ajpheart.physiology.org/cgi/content/full/285/6/H2857
If you don't have permission to download the full paper from the American Journal of Physiology please contact Ken for a reprint.

We are also trying to encourage users who create posters for scientific meetings to include a small logo somewhere on their presentation. A small thumbnail of the logo is shown below (please don't use it!). Instead right-click (and "Save as...") on the appropriate link for an eps version or a TIF. If neither of these files meet your needs and you would like the logo in a different format, please contact me.

Thumbnail of SLControl logo

Last updated on 30th January, 2005 by Ken.