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Early versions of the installation packages in this archive include the full source code for SLControl. Unfortunately this code includes some curve-fitting routines from Numerical Recipes which (while freely distributable as part of an executable file) cannot be made publicly available. Such packages cannot be downloaded by users who have registered automatically via the web interface. If you would like to ask specific questions about any of the code in SLControl please contact Ken for more information.

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Installation packages without source code
(available to web-registered users)

InstallShield Icon Version 4.0.1_ns
(10 MB) 9 July, 2003

Matlab routines
(available to web-registered users)

SLControl's Analysis->Single_Data_File window has useful cursor controls and a number of curve-fitting options. There are also a few automated procedures available under Analysis->Batch_Analysis for those dealing with lists of files. These tools should be adequate for most users.

For those wanting to do something a little less straightforward, an attractive option is to import the data files (which are after all carefully formatted text files) into third-party software and do their analysis there. I use Matlab for this most of the time and have developed a number of routines which SLControl users may find helpful.

Details for each routine are included at the top of each *.m file. Please contact me if you need further help or discover any bugs. I'd also encourage anybody who has developed their own SLControl-relevant routines to share them with other users. I'd be delighted to post them here.

Matlab Icon load_slcontrol_file.m
(8 kB) 21 March, 2005
Reads a specified SLControl file (*.slc) and returns selected parts of the header information in a structured array.

Matlab Icon display_slcontrol_record.m
(6 kB) 21 March, 2005
Useful utility for quick display of SLControl records.

Matlab Icon transform_slcontrol_record.m
(2 kB) 9 February, 2005
Duplicates SLControl->AnalysisDisplay->Transform->Change to Calibrated Values in the Matlab environment

Matlab Icon analyse_ktr.m
(12 kB) 22 March, 2005
Canned routine for extracting half-times, single and double exponential rates, residual force etc. Needs the trivial sub-functions single_exponential_recovery_fit.m (1 kB) and double_exponential_recovery_fit.m (1 kB).

Matlab Icon directory_display.m
(2 kB) 16 June, 2005
Simple code takes all the SLControl records below a given directory and superposes them on scaled axes.
Requires SubDir and Dir written by Tim Myers and Paul Macey respectively and available at the Matlab Central FileExchange

Matlab Icon
(246 kB) 30 January, 2005
This zipped archive contains a GUI-based Matlab algorithm which calculates the sarcomere length in a user-selected region of a 'muscle' picture by fitting a damped sine-wave to the averaged autocorrelation. Contact Ken if you need further details.

Installation packages which include source code
(NOT available to web-registered users)

InstallShield Icon Version 4.0.1
(10 MB) 9 July, 2003

Other Utilities
(NOT available to web-registered users)

Utilities logo SLConvert.exe (205 kB)
A DOS-based utility which converts data records collected with our original "Fiber" program to the SLControl format.
(Note this program is almost certainly only of use to members (or former members) of the Moss lab at the University of Wisconsin.)

SLControl is provided with the best of intentions, but there is no guarantee that it works correctly under all condition. When new problems are discovered, they are reported on this site and every attempt is made to fix the problem in future releases. Nevertheless users who chose to use SLControl do so at their own risk. No warranty is implied or intended. Last updated on 16th June, 2005 by Ken.