Installation - DAPL connections

SLControl assumes that the experimental apparatus is interfaced to the DAPL board via specific connections. The program will not operate correctly if these connections have not been made.

Note that this does not just mean that the experimental records will be invalid - your equipment may well be damaged as a result. For example, if SLControl tries to adjust the motor position in response to a feedback signal (Sarcomere length or Tension) which is not connected correctly, the motor will be driven by an inappropriate waveform and will probably run out of control.

Input connections

S0 - Output signal from Force transducer
S1 - Output position signal from SL detection system
S2 - Output position signal from length controller (normally labelled Length Out on Aurora/Cambridge systems)
S3 - Output intensity signal from SL detection system

Output connections

DAC0 - trigger pulse to oscilloscope - not strictly essential but very useful
DAC1 - command signal to length controller (normally labelled Length In on Aurora/Cambridge systems)

Please ensure that your connections have been made correctly before switching on your equipment.

Last updated on 26th April, 2002 by Ken.