This section of the documentation provides brief instructions relating to the installation of SLControl and a few additional technical notes which may be of use. Specific links are provided below.

Note also that before installing SLControl, you should already have installed the DAP board and the accompanying Accel32 server on your system. The CD which Microstar ships with every board contains detailed instructions on how to proceed. Questions about this stage of the process shold be directed to Microstar Laboratories. The 'Getting started' tutorial includes a screen-shot of DapView for Windows (also included on the Microstar CD) on a correctly installed system for reference purposes.

Further notes

SLControl was originally developed on Windows 2000 systems. A number of users have now started using the program in Windows XP. The program seems to work adequately in this environment but some of the dialog control windows are incorrectly sized in the newer operating system. It is hoped to correct these issues in time but since they do not affect the operation of the program, more pressing issues will be dealt with in the immediate future.

Irrespective of the operating system, SLControl works best with screen resolutions set to at least 1024 by 768. You may also wish to select small fonts for Windows display. (In Windows 2000, right click on the desk-top and select Display Settings->Settings->Advanced.)

Last updated on 24th November, 2002 by Ken.