Interface - Experiment_display dialog

The Experiment_display dialog window is an object of class Experiment_display (see the Classes documentation for more information) and is opened automatically by every Experiment dialog (e.g. SL_SREC or Tension_control windows. Its sole purpose is to allow the user to make a quick inspection of the recorded data to check that there are no obvious problems with the experiment. It automatically updates each time a file is recorded and cannot be used to analyse any other data. If you need to look at a data file you should use the Analysis_display dialog.

Screen-shot of Analysis_display window

The window is virtually identical to the Analysis_display dialog except that there are no menu options and a sixth data plot (measured Sarcomere Length against Fibre Length) is displayed so that the linearity of sarcomere length signal can be assessed. Standard keyboard commands apply when the window has focus. Consult the Analysis_display documentation for more details.

Last updated on 14th December, 2002 by Ken.