Schematic diagram of experimental apparatus SLControl
Data acquisition and analysis for muscle physiology
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Developed by Kenneth S. Campbell
Department of Physiology,
University of Kentucky

Schematic diagram of experimental apparatus

Current Version 4.0.1
Download available here
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Routines for analyzing SLControl data files
in Matlab (Updated 16 June, 2005)
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Campbell & Moss, AJP Heart 285:H2857-2864 (2003)

SLControl is a computer program which helps perform sophisticated single muscle fiber experiments. It was developed by Ken Campbell during his time as a post-doc in the Moss lab at the Department of Physiology UW-Madison. He is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology at the University of Kentucky.

The program runs under Windows (NT 4.0 or later) and implements real-time control strategies using a PCI A/D and D/A board (a DAP 5216a from Microstar Laboratories in the original configuration). Key features of the system are shown below.

A full development history of SLControl and lists of bug-fixes and future ideas are available in the Updates section of this site. If you want more information on the motivation for this work, please try reading some of my initial papers.

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SLControl is provided with the best of intentions, but there is no guarantee that it works correctly under all condition. When new problems are discovered, they are reported on this page and every attempt is made to fix the problem in future releases. Nevertheless users who chose to use SLControl do so at their own risk. No warranty is implied or intended.
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