Updates - Bug Fixes

This file lists known problems with SLControl and (where appropriate) the date the problem was fixed. If you are using SLControl and you encounter something that doesn't work as you expected please check this page to see whether the problem has already been fixed. If so, updating to the latest version of SLControl may fix your problem.

If your problem is not listed, please let us know so that we can keep improving SLControl.

Modifications to the program which improve SLControl rather than fixing something which does not work properly are listed separately here.

Corrected Problems

27th March, 2003
Fixed in 3.3.2

  • Chirp dialog. In some instances the Chirp_overflow file was not created correctly. leading to intermittent problems with extremely long (>65000 data points) records. The problem reflects the fact that 'create_pipe' functions in a statement of the form func1()*func2()*func3() were not executing in left to right order as expected but rather in an unpredictable sequence. Since some of the functions were supposed to alter class variables for use in later function calls, the unexpected execution order created problems. The problem has been corrected by pre-calculating all inter-dependent variables.
14th November, 2002
Fixed in 3.3.1

  • The DAP board occasionally crashed in certain SL_SREC ramp+increment experiments. This seems to have been caused by ptarget going out of range (>2^15 or <-2^15) when the SL signal was uncalibrated due to the addition of a ramp signal and an increment correction which were both clipped at the maximum (or minimum) values. A simple fix (which will also catch similar problems in other experimental modes) was to check the value written to file in Global_functions::write_pipe_to_file() and clip it accordingly.
  • Data_record::read_SL_SREC_parameters() had the wrong tag for 'pre_triangle_(ms)'. This created problems in Batch_analysis modes due to the cursors being wrongly positioned.
22nd October, 2002
Fixed in 3.2.3

  • Linear sweep problem fixed in Chirp control. Previously, the linear sweep didn't work at all, although the logarithmic chirp seemed entirely satisfactory.
  • Added Data_record::read_chirp_parameters so that the ktr initiation time was read successfully in Chirp records.
30th August, 2002
Fixed in 3.2.2

  • Superposition_control lost keyboard focus after the IDC_PLOT buttons were disabled. Consequently, the Superposition window couldn't respond to cursor movement commands after the plots were redrawn. Fixed by adding a SetFocus call to the Superposition_control code.
7th May, 2002
Fixed in 3.1.3

  • The inter-trial delay in the Tension_control dialog box was calculated before the UpdateData command. Consequently, if the user changed the inter-trial delay, the new value was not used until the second experiment after the change.
25th April, 2002
Fixed in 3.1.1

  • SL_volts_to_FL_COMMAND_volts in SL_SREC & Tension_Control objects was calculated using the FL_RESPONSE rather than the FL_COMMAND calibration value. This only affected experiments conducted under sarcomere length control and with the relevent calibration parameters introduced a maximum error of 4% in the absolute sarcomere length values in some records.
  • Data_record::transform_to_calibrated_values() used the global FL_RESPONSE, FL_COMMAND and FL_POLARITY values rather than the values stored in the data file. This would have created an error if SLControl opened an old data file after the calibration files had been changed, or if SLControl was used to open a data file recorded on a different system. FL_POLARITY has now been added to the Data_record class and is written to file by SL_SREC,Tension_control and Cyclical classes.
13th March, 2002
Fixed in 3.0.3

  • Superposition - window
    In 3.0.2, the Superposition window did not display correctly. Instead superposed records were shown within an Analysis_display dialog box. The problem lay in the Superposition constructor where the wrong IDD number was assigned.
12th March, 2002
Fixed in 3.0.2

  • Superposition - window size
    One of the previous versions (perhaps 3.0.1) introduced an error by which the Superposition window was displayed at greatly reduced size. The window is now displayed at the intended size.
7th March, 2002
Fixed in 3.0.1

  • Square_wave - trigger channel
    DAC0 was producing a trigger pulse of 0 volts (i.e. no measurable pulse!). Now set to 4.95 V.
14th January, 2002
  • Plot::print_plot()
    Fixed x-axis tick marks - x_min label was drawn at both x_min and x_max positions.
2nd January, 2002
  • SL_SREC: ramp + increment option fixed
    Under SL control, sl was driven towards the wrong value between the end of a ramp and the ktr step.
29th December, 2001
  • Tension_control_dialog: fixed proportional_gain control which was reset to a random value after each experiment.
28th December, 2001
  • SL_SREC: corrected disabling/enabling of inter-triangle delay when the user changes Experiment_mode.
15th November, 2001
  • Analysis_display->Changed File->Dump trace values to file
    Output format changed from %f to %g to correct lack of precision with very small numbers.
  • Corrected function display for linear regression in Fit_control window.
    Previously, window showed single_exponential function when linear_regression was selected.
1st November, 2001
  • Updated Chost Installation Package to Version 2.0 to provide installation support for Windows XP.
22nd October, 2001
  • Added PreTranslateMessage() functions to Scan_channels and Square_wave classes which intercept any Escape Key messages and prevent the dialog boxes from closing when the Escape Key is pressed. The windows now have to be closed manually.
18th October, 2001
  • Further improvements to shut-down of Scan_channels window. Original program warned that the timer could not be removed if the dialog was dismissed with the cross icon in the top-right of the window. This has been corrected by shifting the KillTimer command to the OnCancel function.
  • Improvements to y-axis scaling in Plot class for the case where y-data does not change throughout the record - previously reverted to -1 to +1 scale.
10th October, 2001
  • Corrected horizontal alignment for y-axis label when a plot is printed to a metafile.
9th October, 2001
  • Improved shut-down of Scan_channels window. Now kills timer and resets pointer in parent SLControlDlg window. Before this fix, Scan_channels update got steadily slower if the window was repeatedly closed and reopened.

Known problems not yet fixed
7th November, 2001
  • Rating - minor
    Superposition dialog box does not remember the current directory when more than one file is selected.

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