Jeremy D. Popkin

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I have taught history at the University of Kentucky since 1978. I received both my B.A. and Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, and also did graduate study in history at Harvard University. At the University of Kentucky, I teach courses on French history, European history, and an undergraduate course on the Holocaust.

My mailing address is Dept. of History, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY 40506, tel. 859-257-1415, fax 859-323-3885. I can be contacted by email at

This Web page was last updated on 18 September 2007.

Click on links on this page for additional information about my publications, my current research projects, and current course syllabi. My Teaching Resources page includes links to handouts for my courses and information about the classroom re-enactment exercises I have designed for my French history courses. You can also find a guide to research on the publications of my grandmother, the novelist Zelda Popkin (1898-1983). For information about the life and career of my sister, Maggi Popkin, who died in May 2005, go to  I am in the process of creating a site with information about the life and career of my father, Richard H. Popkin.

In Fall 2007, I am offering History 540: France, 1600-1815, and History 606: Introduction to the Study of History.  In Spring 2008, I plan to teach History 323: The Holocaust, and History 622: The French and Haitian Revolutions.  Syllabi for the most recent offerings of these two courses can be accessed through the links below; the actual syllabi for my spring courses will be somewhat different.

Past course syllabi:

History 105: Europe since 1660 (Spring 2005)
History 323: The Holocaust (Spring 2007)
History 522: Europe and the World in the Age of the French Revolution (Spring 2007)
History 540: France, 1600-1815 (Fall 2007)
History 541
: France, 1815 to the present (Spring 2002)
History 606: Introduction to the Study of History (Fall 2008)
History 622: The French and Haitian Revolutions (Fall 2004)
History 650: Historiography of the Holocaust (spring 2003)

Syllabi for faculty summer seminars:

NEH Summer Seminar on the French and Haitian Revolutions at Newberry Library (offered in summer 2006)
Jessie Dupont Seminar on Autobiography and Historical Experience, National Humanities Center, summer 2004