Yield Loss Prediction Tool for Field-Specific Risk Management of Asian Soybean Rust

Project Updates - Brazil February 2007

Brazil - February, 2007 (Joe Omielan) - Project Update

Dr. Cláudia Godoy sent some photos of the plots and activities in Londrina.

Photo showing  soybean plant with typical SBR damage on the lower leaves.

Here are typical soybean rust symptoms on the lower leaves.

Photo showing sporulating brown/red rust lesions on the underside of a soybean leaflet.

This shows sporulating rust lesions on the underside of a leaflet.

Photo showing soybeans plants with a thick canopy.

To measure Light Interception (LI) a line quantum sensor is placed below the crop canopy.

Photo showing the Brazilian research team measuring the incident light above the soybean canopy.

The incident light above the canopy is measured and logged at the same time as the light levels below the canopy.

Photo showing the LI 6400 in use for a soybean field in Londrina.

Cláudia measured the photosynthetic rates in control and diseased leaves in the field and in the greenhouse using the LI 6400.

Photo showing the sensor head of the LI 6400 clamped onto a leaflet in a soybean field in Londrina.

Here’s the sensor head clamped to a leaflet.

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