Yield Loss Prediction Tool for Field-Specific Risk Management of Asian Soybean Rust


Help Using the Calculator

Soybean Yield Loss Prdiction Tool for Managing Soybean Rust - This fact sheet summarizes infromation about tool development, limitations of the model and how to use the tool and is available....here.

Journal Publications

photo of backlit infected leaflet showing numerous red lesions used for cover of Crop Science Journal
Papers published in Crop Science from this project:

Mechanisms Involved in Soybean Rust-Induced Yield Reduction ...link to abstract.

Impact of Phakopsora pachyrhizi Infection on Soybean Leaf Photosynthesis and Radiation Absorption ...link to abstract.

Project Mission

A photo of mature soybeans in the field - by Claudia Godoy The University of Kentucky (UK) was awarded a grant (Project PI: Saratha Kumudini) to develop a soybean rust (SBR) yield loss prediction tool. This project website was developed as a result of this grant and was completed as August 2010. The goal of the project was to develop a risk management tool to help soybean producers decide how to better manage SBR.

Specifically, this project led to the development of an interactive internet site which will calculate potential yield loss due to SBR (see calculator). For more information about this project follow the about us link.

Our Research Partners

This project involved both national and international collaborators. Asian soybean rust arrived in Brazil in 2001, consequently researchers in Brazil have had a head start in conducting research on this pathogen. The University of Kentucky is proud to have a collaborative agreement with Brazil's national agriculture department Embrapa. It is Brazils' equivalent to the USDA here in the United States. Our national collaborators include Louisiana State University (LSU) , Clemson University, the University of Florida at Quincy, and the University of Georgia at Tifton. For more information about the scientific staff who worked on this project follow the contact us link.

Our Funding Partners

Funding for the project came from the Risk Management Agency (RMA) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Southern Soybean Research Program (SSRP), the Kentucky Soybean Board (KSB), and the Southern Region Integrated Pest Management Center (SRIPMC). Clemson University was being supported by the South Carolina Soybean Growers Association. For more information about the organizations that supported this project see the links page.

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