Yield Loss Prediction Tool for Field-Specific Risk Management of Asian Soybean Rust

Project Updates - Brazil April 2006

Brazil - April, 2006 (Joe Omielan) - Project Update

Dr. Joe Omielan traveled, from Kentucky, to Londrina to assist with harvesting and processing the Harvest Index (HI) samples. On April 3 (104 DAP) all the treatments were at least at R7 (see photo below). The only treatment with some leaves left was our “disease-free” control. The plants from a 1 m2 area were cut off at the soil surface and bundled up.

Photo showing soybean plants after having treatment at the R7 or later growth stage.

The pods were “stripped” from the plants and then dried along with the stems. After drying, the seeds were removed from the pods, by hand and weighed. The harvest indices were then calculated for each of the plots. The plots were combine harvested on April 24.

Photo showing Joe Omielan and the Brazilian research team.

Here’s a photo of Joe with Cláudia’s crew. From left to right: Joe, Dr. Cláudia Godoy, Paula Felix, Cleber Mota, and Allan Flausino.

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