Yield Loss Prediction Tool for Field-Specific Risk Management of Asian Soybean Rust

Project Updates - Kentucky February 2007

USA, Lexington Kentucky - July 13th, 2007 (Joe Omielan) - Project Update

Leaves were tagged before being inoculated.

photo of individual potted soybean plants with paper ID tags

Spores were mixed with talc and “sprinkled” onto moistened leaves. The control plants had just talc applied.

photo showing application of SBR spores in a mixture of talc being sifted onto wet soybean plant leaves

Biosafety protocols required protective apparel for worker safety and/or to prevent spread of the pathogen.

photo showing research team members wearing smocks and face masks while inoculating with SBR spores

After inoculation the plants were placed in “dew chambers” to maintain leaf wetness long enough for infection to occur.

photo of improvised dew chamber (modified bushel sized plastic storage container) used to maintain humid enviromment for plants after inoculation

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