Yield Loss Prediction Tool for Field-Specific Risk Management of Asian Soybean Rust

Project Updates - Kentucky August 2008

USA, Lexington Kentucky - March 23, 2009 (Joe Omielan) - Project Update

Collecting and processing LAI samples and then defoliating plots is labor intensive.  Fortunately, Abdullah Aqeel joined our group as a Ph.D. student and we put him to work in the field right away.

photo of team members in test plot

In the above photo Sri, Elena, and Abdul are measuring Light Interception (LI).

photo of Abdul using light bar to measure light below the canopy of test plants

In this photo Abdul is positioning the light bar in a partially defoliated plot to measure the amount of light below the canopy.  We measured the LI of the control and defoliated plots before each biomass harvest in the season.

photo showing below the canopy of the defolitation plants in mid August

The photo above shows below the canopy of one of the defoliation plots in mid-August.  The defoliation progressed from the bottom to the top as it does with SBR.

photo of test plot where biomass harvest was done in a 2m x 2m area

After measuring LI, biomass samples were harvested from 2 m2 areas, which were bordered by the same amount of defoliation.  The biomass data will be used to quantify the impact of our treatments on growth and radiation use efficiency (RUE).

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