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About Us

We in the Department of Community & Leadership Development vigorously pursue our mission to strengthen the capacities of individuals, organizations, and communities to act on their shared visions and challenges.

Whether you share this mission, want to work with us, or simply want to learn more, we invite you to both explore this web site and contact us for additional information. See the exciting things going on in our classes, explore how and why we conduct research, and learn about the ways we engage communities across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and around the world.

We take our location in Lexington, the heart of Kentucky’s renowned Bluegrass Region, as an important resource for the Department. Working with local community professionals and organizations, we provide students both opportunities for practical, real-world experiences while taking their classes and career opportunities after graduation.

Our faculty has strong disciplinary training in such fields as communication, education, and sociology and takes pride in their disciplinary homes. When it comes to our overall focus, however, we are moving beyond the disciplinary approaches of the past. Believing it best represents contemporary approaches to 21st century reality, we are more about the processes of functioning effectively in community and fostering ethical leadership.

CLD is a dynamic department representing the cutting edge in scholarship in five overlapping emphasis areas.

Community and organizational development focuses on community processes, the role of community organizations and institutions, and how communities are affected by such societal factors as location, inequality, and demographic patterns.

Community communication focuses on the intersection of communication and community both in physical and virtual contexts with special emphasis on the role communication plays in community change, development, and integration.

Agricultural education provides the knowledge and skills necessary for careers as either high school teachers or community-based educators and advocates for agriculture.

Community-based education focuses on youth and adult development and learning within a community context. It is education created as a result of community involvement and is designed to match community interests.

Leadership development builds the knowledge and skills required to function as effective community leaders and change agents and focuses on both the practice of leadership and the context in which it occurs.

We strive to realize the "land-grant values" of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment in each of these areas. Simply stated, we value, encourage, and foster:

• learning          -  enhancing access to educational opportunities for all;
• discovery       -  expanding knowledge through research; and
• engagement  -  collaborating with diverse institutions, communities,
                                 and people to improve lives.

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We are located on floors 3, 5, and 7 of the W. P. Garrigus Bldg. on the University of Kentucky campus at 325 Cooper Dr. in Lexington KY. Reception is on the 5th floor.


Contact Us

By Mail: Department of Community & Leadership
500 Garrigus Bldg.
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0215

By phone: 859-257-7587

By fax: 859-257-1164

For specific information on our undergraduate degree programs, contact:

Dr. Stacy Vincent, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Career and Technical Education (Agricultural Education), 859-257-7588,

Dr. Richard Maurer, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Community and Leadership Development, 859-257-7582,

For specific information on our graduate degree program, contact:

Dr. Rosalind Harris, Director of Graduate Studies, 859-257-3471,

For specific information on one of our emphasis areas, contact:

Community and Organizational Development, Dr. Lorraine Garkovich, 858-257-7581,

Community Communication, Dr. Seungahn Nah, 859-257-1509,

Agricultural Education, Dr. Rebekah Epps, 859-257-3275,

Community-based Education, Dr. Bryan Hains, 859-257-7588,

Leadership Development, Dr. Kristina Ricketts, 859-257-3767,

For general information on the Department, contact:

Dr. Gary Hansen, Chair, 859-257-7586,

Ms. Ruth Durham, Administrative Assistant, 859-257-7587,



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Community & Leadership Development University of Kentucky 500 Garrigus Building Lexington, KY 40546-0215 Phone: (859) 257-3471 Fax: (859) 257-1164
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