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Graduates from the Community & Leadership Development degree program apply cutting edge practices associated with education, leadership and communication to empower 21st Century communities for positive change. They do so by working with local communities, businesses, and programs throughout their undergraduate experience, applying classroom concepts to real world situations.

 As a result of their professional experiences, graduates have established careers in the following fields: 

•       Agriculture: agritourism, owner/operators, environmental, food, natural resource development and education

•       General Business: administrative, management, sales, personnel training, entrepreneurial ventures

•       Human Education & Development: education and promotion of adult and youth organizations

•       Politics: lawyers, lobbyists, government liaisons, public office

•       Public Relations & Marketing: event planning, promotional marketing, campaigns

•       Community Development: community organizers, community communicators, educators & leaders

•       Extension & Education: 4-H agents, agriculture agents, non-classroom based educators

•       Government Agencies: health, marketing, city planning, environmental regulations, public service

•       Food/Sustainability: food bank, farmer’s market, education

•       Colleges & Universities: researchers, instructors, extension specialists, professors

•       Non-Profit Organizations: executive directors, fundraising, marketing 

Students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Community and Leadership Development examine "community" from three different angles: 

1. Communities of Place - the geographic area in which people live

2. Communities of Practice – assembling around common areas of work or profession

3. Communities of Interest - people who gather with common interests

While developing their professional capacities, undergraduates have the opportunity to focus their community studies within the following professional contexts: 

Agriculture – having to do directly or indirectly with the field of agriculture, agricultural processes and consumer markets/education.

Humans & Society – including youth and human development and the services associated this those processes (focused on the individual) 

Community Structures – organizations within community that provide structure and support for the community and community members as well – can be governmental, for or non-profit (focused on the organization) 

Additionally, students are able to further hone their professional skills by receiving specialized instruction in community education (non-classroom based teaching); community communications; or community leadership development: 

Community Education: focuses on educational programming that promotes learning and social development outside the classroom. Community educators work with individuals and communities using informal and formal learning strategies. 

Community Communications: focuses on types of communication used within communities, with special emphasis placed upon communications’ role in community development, empowerment. 

Community Leadership Development: for students interested in building the skills and knowledge needed to function as effective community leaders and change agents. This emphasis area focuses on both the practice of leadership as well as the context in which it occurs. 

For more details contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for CLD:

Kristina G. Ricketts, Ph.D.

Department of Community & Leadership Development | University of Kentucky

Tel. 859.257.3767 | Fax. 859.257.1164 | Office: 713 Garrigus Building



Major Description:

If you have strong communications and interpersonal skills, enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge with others, and want to make a difference by changing the social, political, and economic environment of your community or organization, this is your major. There are four major subject areas within Community and Leadership Development: Community Communications; Community and Community Development; Leadership; and Non-formal Education. All areas share a common core of classes and allow you to concentrate on one or more of the four areas while tailoring the classes to fit your interests. Graduates find success as communications specialists in the public and private sector, managers in business and industry, government agencies, community associations, and non-profit organizations. You can also use this degree as a stepping stone to graduate and professional school opportunities.


Program Requirements:





The Director of Undergraduate Studies for Community and Leadership Development is:

Kris Ricketts
Associate Extension Professor

Department of Community and Leadership Development
514 Garrigus Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0215
Phone: 859-257-3767
Fax: 859-257-1164




Education Abroad

University-wide Education Abroad experiences abound. The scholarship program is also strong. Many students who would not consider the option due to the expense may be surprised to find how much aid they could receive. A second consideration is National Student Exchange (NSE). This program allows a student to attend another university within the United States for the cost of paying UK’s tuition. Notably, room and board may vary a little, but it’s a cost effective alternative for those who are unable to participate in education abroad, but wish to explore a new area. Two links are below. The first is UK’s NSE website. It is inclusive; however, for additional information. the official NSE website: Education Abroad has been included:

National Student Exchange:
UK National Student Exchange:



Several scholarship opportunities exist. The College of Agriculture (COA) Academic Programs Scholarship site. This link includes information on the College-wide 650,000 scholarship program, UK Academic Scholarships, Financial Aid Office, Academic Common Market, KEES Scholarship Information, UK Legacy Tuition Program, Multicultural Affairs/Diversity Scholarships, and Residency Requirements for instate tuition. Although the UK Academic Scholarship website is linked from the COA scholarship page I think it would be remiss not to include UK Academic Scholarships as its own link. Further, it is suggested to explore Fastweb. This is a reputable site that offers a scholarship search engine. Finally, a section linking to outside scholarships that pertain specifically to students in Community and Leadership Development (CLD) and Agricultural Education (AED).

Check these links for scholarships:

College of Agriculture Academic Programs:


UK Academic Scholarships:

KHEAA Teacher Scholarship Program:

Women Leading Kentucky Scholarships:


Financial Aid:

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

UK Financial Aid:


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