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Our focus is “development” which occurs at the intersection of community, communication, agriculture, education, and leadership.

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Community and Leadership Development (CLD) at the University of Kentucky strengthens the capacities of individuals, organizations, and communities to act on their shared visions and challenges.

CLD’s comprehensive teaching, research, and outreach activities emphasize five areas.

Community and organizational development focuses on community processes, the role of community organizations and institutions, and how communities are affected by such societal factors as location, inequality, and demographic patterns.

Community communication focuses on the intersection of communication and community both in physical and virtual contexts with special emphasis on the role communication plays in community change, development, and integration.

Agricultural education focuses on providing the knowledge and skills necessary for careers as either high school teachers or community-based educators and advocates for agriculture.

Community-based education focuses on youth and adult development and learning within a community context. It is education created as a result of community involvement and is designed to match community interests.

Leadership development builds the knowledge and skills required to function as effective community leaders and change agents and focuses on both the practice of leadership and the context in which it occurs. 

Undergraduate Education

The Bachelor of Science in Community and Leadership Development provides students knowledge and skills that can be applied to real-world situations involving local communities and as well as nonprofit and advocacy organizations.

The Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Education prepares students for careers in both formal and non-formal agricultural education with students taking courses in both technical education and professional content.  

Graduate Education 

Students in the Master of Science in Career, Technical, and Leadership Education select one of two options.

The Career and Technical Education option focuses on developing teaching skills for agricultural educators and is designed for both formal and non-formal educators.

The Community and Leadership Development option is designed to help emerging and established leaders develop the fundamental skills needed to solve community problems and work effectively for community change



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