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S. Ray Smith, Ph.D.

Plant & Soil Sciences Dept.
N-222E Agricultural Science Building - North
Lexington, KY 40546-0091

(859) 257-3358


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Chris D. Teutsch, Ph.D.

Ext. Associate Professor

University of Kentucky

Research & Education Ctr.

1205 Hopkinsville Street

Princeton, KY  42445

(270) 365-7541, Ext. 202


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See the County Agent Directory to find your local source for agricultural information.




Forage Growth and Establishment Videos and Powerpoints

Ideal Seeding Depth for Alfalfa & Clover  (.ppt)
Ideal Seeding Depth for Alfalfa & Clover  (.wmv
Establishment methods No-till seeder, Broadcast, Broadcast/drag (.wmv)
Forage species response differently to shading (.wmv)
Forage species vary in seedling vigor   (.wmv)
Forage Regrowth Videos and Powerpoints
     1)  How Grass Grows VT Model 1   (.ppt)
     2)  UK Orchardgrass Grazing Time Lapse Video   (.wmv)
     3)  Orchardgrass Grazing Response Feb. 2009 1   (.ppt)
     4)  UK Tall Fescue Time Lapse Movie High Resolution   (.wmv)
     5)  Tall Fescue Grazing Response Feb. 2009 2   (.ppt)
     6)  UK Tall Fescue vs Orchardgrass High Resolution Movie   (.wmv)
     7)  UK Tall Fescue and Orchardgrass Grazing Response   (.ppt)
     8)  UK Forage Seedling Growth Movie High Resolution   (.wmv)
     9)  UK Forage Seedling Growth Still Images   (.ppt)
Cost of Planting Annuals for Grazing

Red Meat and Our Health:  Separating Scientific Fact from Politics, Emotion and Misinformation - YouTube Video by Peter Ballerstedt

Midwest Cover Crop Council
2012 Cyanide Test Kit - Out of State - Beware of Cyanide (Prussic Acid) Poisoning
2012 Testing Kit - Out of State - EM Quant Nitrate Test Strip Instructions
UK Beef Cow Forage Supplement Tool
Learning Modules for Switchgrass Biomass Production
      1)  Switchgrass for Biomass
      2)  Switchgrass Stories
      3)  Switchgrass Decision Aid
Forage Enterprise Budgets
Profitability of Switchgrass for Biomass Compared to Hay
Visual Reference Guide for Estimating Legume Content in Pastures - West Virginia
Measuring Legume Content in Pastures Using Digital Photographs - West Virginia
Pasture and Hay Seeding Rate Calculator - Wisconsin
2013 Alfalfa Production Budget Spreadsheet - Ohio State
Value of Fertilizer Nutrients in Hay - Wisconsin



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