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Insect Pests of Sweet Corn

Common Insect Pests of Sweet Corn in Kentucky

Wireworm attcking a corn seedling.Wireworm White grubWhite grub Black cutwormBlack cutworm Corn rootworm larvaeCorn rootworm larvae Corn root aphidsCorn root aphids
Lesser cornstalk borerLesser cornstalk borer Corn flea beetleCorn flea beetle Brown stink bugBrown stink bug European corn borer larvaEuropean corn borer larva Southwestern corn borer larvaSouthwestern corn borer larva
Corn earwormCorn earworm Fall armywormFall armyworm larva Japanese beetlesJapanese beetles Picnic beetlePicnic beetle Sap beetleSap beetle
Sap beetle larvaSap beetle larva Female corn rootworm beetleFemale corn rootworm beetle Male corn rootworm beetleMale corn rootworm beetle Corn leaf aphidsCorn leaf aphids


Click Here to view the entire manual - ID - 184 An IPM Scounting Giude for Common Problems of Sweet Corn in Kentucky.

Photo Credits: Images provided by UK Vegetable IPM Team

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