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Integrated Pest Management
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Manuals and Fact Sheets

We are converting our IPM Scouting Manuals to Acrobat PDF format to make it easier for you to print them out. They are somewhat large, however, so please consider your modem speed, etc. before you try to download the entire manual. You may find you just need copies of a few individual pages.

You will need to use the (free) Adobe Acrobat plug-in to access these documents. If you don't have the Acrobat plug-in, you can download it here:

Get Acrobat ReaderAdobe Acrobat Reader

You may notice small red boxes around some of the text in these documents. These are links to some of our IPM Scout Info pages where you can find out more about these pests and also see pictures of the pest and the damage it inflicts.

*Kentucky IPM Manuals

IPM-1 Kentucky Integrated Crop Management Manual for Alfalfa (1,670K)(new!)
IPM-2 Kentucky Integrated Crop Management Manual for Corn (2,351K)
IPM-3 Kentucky Integrated Crop Management Manual for Soybeans (1,032K) (new!)
IPM-4 Kentucky Integrated Crop Management Manual for Small Grains (1.330K)(new!)
IPM-5 Kentucky Integrated Crop Management Manual for Grain Sorghum (2,004K)
IPM-7 Kentucky Apple Management Program Scout Manual
IPM-8 Kentucky Integrated Crop Management Manual for Canola (1,949K)
IPM-9 Kentucky Backyard Apple Integrated Pest Management Manual (316K)
IPM-10 Kentucky Sweet Corn Insect Integrated Pest Management Scout Manual (804K)
IPM-11 Integrated Crop Management for Kentucky Cabbage (4,517K)
IPM-12 Kentucky Pumpkin Integrated Pest Management Grower Manual(524K)
IPM-13 Kentucky Pepper Integrated Crop Management Grower Manual(250K)

*Fact Sheets

Entomology EntFacts (EntFacts Index)
Plant Pathology Fact Sheets
Agronomy Publications

Kentucky IPM

Original document: 25 November 1996
Last updated: 1 March 2012

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