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UK Wheat Group Increase Farmers Profits


Over a period of several years an integrated working group of UK ag-scientists has been working as a unit to aid Kentucky producers in their efforts to produce profitable wheat crops.  In the current economy this is no easy task.  Measuring this impact may be an even more difficult task.


Each year the Wheat Science Group (WSG) uses surveys and interviews to try and rate their impact, as well as shape the program to industry need.  After the 2000-2001 wheat production season, the WSG found the following from individuals replying to our queries.


  •  97.2% indicted that the WSG has Aa positive affect on your profitability@

  • On the average this impact was gauged at $20.01 per acre.

  • The maximum response was: $105.00 / acre, the minimum was $0.00.

  •  The largest number of responses (32%) was: $11-20 / acre.

Regardless of which of these numbers is correct, this appears to be a good value.  Remember that this is for a single year and after having been taught IPM and production techniques as a group for several years. One might have expected that most of the changes had already occurred.

However, this may really be the tip of the iceberg.  In an attempt to find out exactly where progress was being made a series of questions was developed to see where producers were making changes. Additionally values for these changes were established by individuals that were doing research in those areas.


In the survey, individual=s practices were listed and responders were asked to indicate those for practices they altered Abecause you became aware of scientific information or data@.  Here are some examples:







CHANGED in 2001-02



$ / Acre


Planting Date






Variety Selection






Tillage Practice












Calibrate Planter






Scout Soil Compaction






Scouting for Fungicide Use






There are other measures.  However, it should be obvious that the probable savings / increase in profitability gained from the WSG efforts is potentially very large.  Making the correct change in only a few of these areas could make a large change in net value of the crop. It is also of interest that six of the seven value in the table increased over the FY01 results.  Only the percentage calibrating their planter did not change it remained at 80%.


For additional information on the Wheat Science Program contact:

Dottie Call

Wheat Science Program Coordinator
University of Kentucky Research & Education Center
PO Box 469
Princeton, KY 42445
e-mail :

Kentucky IPM

Original document: 1 October 2002

Last updated: 17 March 2005

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