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Pendleton County

"The Best of Both Worlds"


May 2005

Undergraduate Students
Jeremy Alexander, Nicholas Conner, Bradley Boaz, Matthew Horne, Kevin McCalla, Billie Jo Motsch, Joseph Svec, William Withrow

Project Statement
In August 2005, at the invitation of the Judge Executive, Henry Bertram, this project initiated the planning process for establishing a 25 year land use vision for Pendleton County, Kentucky. Students worked to internalize the desires of stakeholders for the future of Pendleton County and translate those desires into a land use master plan. Additionally, they demonstrated a land use planning process that can be used to aid in decision-making as the community moves forward. The scope of the project's idea development ranged from countywide land use to specific areas of interest expressed by Pendleton County stakeholders.

Project Narrative
The focus for the Pendleton County "The Best of Both Worlds" project was developed at the first of three public meetings designed to determine stakeholder perceptions of key issues for the future of Pendleton County. After a student presentation of the planning process to be used in the coming months, a facilitated discussion occurred between the students and the stakeholders and the following key issues were identified which would become four areas of focus for the project: Region, Connectedness, Direction, and Quality of life.

The idea of connectedness is about physical linkage between elements such as roadways, trails, recreation, watersheds, neighborhoods, etc. Region defines the importance of Pendleton County connecting with surrounding watersheds, counties, cities, and states to ensure proper use of the land and environment. Direction addresses the need for a clear focus for the county's future, and growth encompasses an expected increase in population, economic activity, environmental awareness, etc. Quality of life is the idea of providing the best possible environment with the resources available.

Additional analyses were conducted to determine opportunities and constraints associated with the resources of Pendleton County. The inventory included data about Pendleton County's history, existing land use and land cover, slopes, floodways, demographics, current land use plans, agriculture, economics, education, transportation, and recreation. This information was then applied to formulate conceptual strategies which were presented at Public Meeting 2. The scenarios presented at this meeting included: new sewer plant locations, the US 27 corridor, parks and recreation, downtown Falmouth, Kincaid Lake and Williamstown Lake.

Again, stakeholders were asked to express opinions and ideas, and these data were brought back to the studio to aid in the refinement of concepts, themes, and strategies. This phase of the project included the formulation of county-wide land use master plans and alternatives, as well as a range of development strategies in keeping with the values expressed by stakeholders.

The Pendleton County Master Land Use Plan serves as a reference and guide for directing future growth. However, like any plan, it must accommodate changes over time. As regional and local conditions change, the effects of the land use plan should be monitored and the plan adjusted to respond to evolving community needs. It is important to note that this responsibility lies within the hands of the stakeholders of Pendleton County. This project reflects the ideas generated by the landscape architecture students and the stakeholders of the Pendleton County community. These ideas are designed to serve as a guide for future land use decisions.


• Full Report • Overview • Inventory and Analysis
• Land Use Master Plan • Roadway Plans • Recreation Master Plan
• Falmouth • West Falmouth • Kincaid Lake
• Williamstown Lake • Sewers and Alternative Waste Treatment/Disposal Systems • Appendix
• References/Bibliography

Presentation Boards
• Pendleton County 2030 • Pendleton County Master Plan • Development Trends 1
• Development Trends 2 • US 27 • The East West Connection
• Recreation Network • The City of Falmouth • The City of Falmouth 2
• West Falmouth • Community Gateway • Kincaid Lake State Park & Resort
• Kincaid Lake State Park & Resort 2 • Williamstown Lake Community • Williamstown Lake Community 2
• Sewage Treatment Plants • Alternative Sewer Options

PowerPoint Presentations
• Presentation 1 • Presentation 2 • Presentation 3




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