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Tobacco Specialty Equipment


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    Other Sites at UK
Agricultural Information Center
A Service Center of the University of Kentucky Libraries 

Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Julie Beale and Brenda Kennedy
An Internet Accessible Interactive
Multimedia Instructional Resource
  Plant Pathology Department
Provides educational programs and materials on diseases of tobacco
Burley Tobacco Home Page
Research test plot information and digital images of tobacco pests & field problems and more..
  Regulatory Services
Regulatory information for feed, fertilizer, milk, seed ,seed testing & soil testing 

Dark Tobacco Web Page

Research test plot information and digital images of tobacco pests & field problems and more.

Soil Testing
Soils, water, greenhouse media, animal waste, and mine spoils testing with fertilizer and lime recommendations
Entomology Dept. - Tobacco Insect Control
Information on tobacco insect pests and control methods.
  Tobacco Equipment & Facilities
Biosystems & Ag Engineering Dept.

Providing the latest research results and innovations on tobacco equipment and facilities

Kentucky Cooperative Extension County Offices
Site containing links to all Kentucky county extension offices.

Tobacco Disease Information Page
Site designed by UK Dept. of Plant Pathology to help Kentucky's tobacco industry combat tobacco disease
Kentucky Pest News Alert
provided by Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science

Tobacco Economics Online
Information on Tobacco Policy, Economics, and Management from UK Agricultural Economics.
Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center
Information on biotech research on tobacco.

     Other Universities

Agricultural Policy Analysis Center
University of Tennessee Knoxville
  North Carolina State Tobacco Page
EKU Bluegrass Farmworker Health Center
A Federally Funded Migrant Health Center
  The Ohio State University
Internet Resources for all Crops 

Georgia Tobacco Info
University of Georgia Tobacco web site - flue-cured tobacco production.

  University of Tennessee Tobacco Info Online
University of Tennessee Tobacco web site 

North American Blue Mold Forecast
This site will no longer track Blue Mold as of October 2006


Virginia Tech Tobacco Info  
Virginia Tech University Tobacco web site - Site includes information on burley, dark-fired, and flue-cured tobacco.


     State & Federal Government Sites

Census of Agriculture   Kentucky Legislator E-mail Addresses
ERS-Kentucky Data Sheet
Economic Research Service's information on Population & Farm Characteristics
  National Agricultural Statistics Service
Crop Data
Kentucky Department of Agriculture
News and information. 

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Service Division of Marketing Field Crops-Tobacco

Kentucky Agricultural Statistics Service
Production & market statistics - Kentucky agricultural products
  Natural Resources Conservation Service
Helping people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment

     Chemical & Fertilizer Companies 
Manufacturer of agricultural chemicals used in tobacco production.
  .Fair Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of sucker control products for tobacco production
Bayer Crop Science
Manufacturer of agricultural chemicals used in tobacco production.
Manufacturer of agricultural chemicals used in tobacco production
Crop Data Management Systems, Inc.
AgChem label information
  Syngenta Crop Protection
A leading agribusiness in North America offering a comprehensive and high-quality portfolio of weed, insect and disease control products
Drexel Chemical Company
Provider of generic crop protection and production products
Manufacturer of agricultural chemicals used in tobacco production
Dow AgroSciences
Manufacturer of agricultural chemicals used in tobacco production.

     Seed Companies 

Cross Creek Seed, Inc.
A complete seed companies, offering flue-cured, burley and dark tobacco varieties to the United States and International Markets
  F.W. Rickard Seeds, Inc.
Seed producer for burley, dark, flue-cured, and cigarillo tobacco types
Newton Tobacco Seed’s
A burley and dark tobacco seed company (no known web site)
  Workman Tobacco Seed, Inc.
Suppliers of the finest tobacco seed to Burley, Dark Fired and Dark Air Cured tobacco producers.

    Tobacco Specialty Equipment

Delmhosrt Instrument Company
Moisture Tester


Mechanical Transplanters
Manufacturer of Tobacco Transplanters.
Burley Spiker
Self proeplled tobacco cutting machine
  RJ Equipment
Manufacturer of Tobacco Transplanters.
Holland Transplanters
Manufacturer of Tobacco Transplanters.
Moisture Tester

    Tobacco Companies and Leaf Dealers
Alliance One International, Inc.
ATobacco leaf dealer
  Imperial Tobacco Co.
Tobacco Company
Altria Group, Inc.
Parent company of Philip Morris USA and U.S. Smokless Tobacco Co.
  Philip Morris International
Tobacco Company
British American Tobacco
International Tobacco Group
  Reynolds American Inc.
Tobacco Company
Farmer’s Tobacco of Cynthiana, Inc.
Family-owned and operated maker of Kentucky’s Best cigarettes
  Swedish Match
 An international tobacco company
Hail & Cotton, Inc.
Tobacco leaf dealer
  Universal Corporation
Tobacco leaf dealer
JT International
Tobacco Company

     Farmer Organizations
American Farm Bureau
Nationwide organization serving agriculture.
  Flue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative
Grower based organization located in Raleigh, NC
Burley Stabilization Corporation
A non-profit cooperative association for the mutual benefit of its members in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
  International Tobacco Grower's Association
International grower organization.
Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association
Grower based organization located in Lexington, KY.

Kentucky Farm Bureau
Statewide organization serving agriculture.


    Industry and Scientific Organizations
American Society of Agronomy
Dedicated to the development of agriculture enabled by science, in harmony with environmental and human values
  Entomological Society of America
Serving the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and colleagues in related disciplines
Plant Pathology Online

Tobacco Merchants Association
Group that tracks tobacco industry information worldwide

Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco

  Weed Science Society of America
Non-profit professional society dedicated to issues dealing with weeds and their control
Kentucky Certified Crop Adviser Program
stablishes the base standard for those who advise farmers and producers

    Farm Publications, etc
The Farmer's Pride
Kentucky's only Weekly Farm Newspaper 

Tobacco Reporter
International Tobacco Magazine

Tobacco Farm Quarterly
Online site for the Flue Cured Tobacco Farmer and Burley Tobacco Farmer magazines

   Home Tobacco Growing
New Hope Seed Company
Open-Pollinated & Heirloom Seed for Gardeners,
 Market Growers, Small Farmers & CSA
  Seedman Co.
Site containing information on small-scale tobacco production
Organic Tobacco Production
ATTRA--National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
  Virtual Seeds Co.
 Plantation House
International Warehouse of Home Tobacco Growers

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