FAQ: What is the cost of getting oil and gas data from the Geologic Data Center?

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Drilling records are available for viewing, printing, or download without charge on the web and include:

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Long, fanfolded documents, electric logs, and others are available as continuous copies of the entire log. These items are charged by the length of the log copy:

A per hour additional charge will be added to the log copy if you do not submit a list of record or permit numbers of the logs you want copies of. Images for multiple well records can be written to CD for a fee. Contact KGS Publication Information Center for more information and pricing. Well lists are available for $10. Standard well-location maps are $25. Customized well-location maps that depict well completion types and optional well identifiers(record, permit, API, well or no label) are available for $40. These require more time to produce, therefore please submit advance notice.

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