Basin-floor fan complexes, Rough Creek Graben, Kentucky

Contact: Dave Harris

Cross section of basin-floor fan complexes

The basin-floor fan complexes south of the Rough Creek Fault Zone at the northern edge of the Rough Creek Graben in the area of the idealized cross section. The pink represents the Precambrian rocks. The orange and the yellow represent two sequences of stacked fan complexes in the Pre-Knox Cambrian rocks.

Location of basin-floor fan complexes

Areas of basin-floor fan complexes are shown in white in the western part of the basin. The suggestion from seismic data is that the northern fan complex lies approximately 22,500 to more than 30,000 feet below sealevel, while these features are shallower in the southern part of the basin. Similar fan complexes may be present to the east, but lack of available seismic data there precludes analysis.

Rough Creek Graben Model

A model of the Rough Creek Graben as it might have looked during rift initiation and rift climax when the basin-floor fan complexes were deposited (shown in brownish yellow). The East Continent Rift Basin rocks formed highlands to the east of the rift. The basin was likely filled with oceanic or lake waters.

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