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County Geology

For a simplified summary of the topography and geology of a county in Kentucky, you can use KGS's county groundwater resource reports. Select a county from the drop-down list and look for topography and geology chapters in each county report. Simplified county topography and geology maps are hot-linked to the text in each chapter.

Expanded reports and images of county geology are planned in the county geology project. The goal of this project is to provide a Web-based summary of the geology of each of Kentucky's counties. High-school students and college students at each of the state's major universities are summarizing the geology of their counties from geologic maps and other sources of data. As work on each county is finished, the information will be posted here. You can obtain more information about the geology of a county at the Generalized Geologic Maps for Land-Use Planning in Kentucky site.

More information about the program and it's volunteers can be obtained by contacting Steve Greb at (859) 257-5500 or at

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