Kentucky Geological Survey

Geospatial Data Library

The Kentucky Geological Survey and other state and federal agencies have electronic maps and GIS data that you can download for your use. The KGS GIS data are in ArcView shapefiles (registered by ESRI). The files were zipped using the WinZip utility. All the KGS datasets, unless explicitly noted, are in latitude and longitude, decimal degrees, NAD 83.

Kentucky Geography Network: Electronic warehouse of maps and GIS data from the Kentucky Geography Network.

Benchmark Data : Kentucky Basemap with hotlink to NGS benchmark database.

Map Imagery : Scanned, georeferenced topographic, geologic, and other maps.

Elevation Data : Digital elevation models at various scales.

Political and physical boundary data: Maps (coverages) showing political boundaries, map indexes, regions, area development districts (ADD's), grids.

Geology data : Geologic coverages of the state, oil and gas wells, coal exploration sites.

Hydrology data : Hydrologic and watershed coverages, water wells, karst dye traces, wetlands, NHD streams in Kentucky.

Transportation data : Roads and highways in Kentucky.

Soils data: Soils in Kentucky from the NRCS (National Resources Conservation Service).

County basemap data: From ESRI, TIGER/Line® files--roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, political boundaries, census statistical boundaries, etc., covering the entire United States by county or state.

Basemap data: 100k DLG's. Digital line graphs. What is a DLG? (USGS), index map, help site for SDTS download.

Converter to convert latitude/longitude in DMS to decimal degrees.

Contact Information: If you have any questions regarding the GIS information provided by the Kentucky Geological Survey, please contact Dan Carey, telephone (859) 257-5500, fax (859) 257-1147, Kentucky Geological Survey, 228 Mining and Mineral Resources Building, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0107.

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