The Problem: the AR proposed by the administration does not reflect the will of the Senate

On 13 December 1999 the University Senate approved a Tenured Faculty Review and Development Policy. Following this action, through considerable discussion involving the Administration, members of the Senate Council, and, on occasion, representatives of UK-AAUP, the Senate's work was recast as a proposed Administrative Regulation (AR). Unfortunately the proposed AR, in the view of UK-AAUP:

1) is not in conformance with the will of the Senate, and

2) contains a few major deficiencies and one fatal flaw.

The issue is up for a vote at the Monday 13 November 2000 meeting of the Senate. The Senate cannot amend the administration's AR as such. But it can reject it and recommend wording that would be in conformance with its original intention. (The original Senate version was the result of an 18 month project by a Senate committee, plus five years of experience with the Arts & Sciences tenured faculty review policy, plus 18 months of deliberation before that.)

At the 13 November Senate meeting AAUP will move passage of a resolution rejecting the administration's version of the AR, proposing new wording making slight but significant changes, and ask the AR be renegotiated with the Administration -- with members of the Senate Council and UK-AAUP involved.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Michael Kennedy
President, UK-AAUP

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