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Captain Cuisine, Episode 3, November 2000

©2000 Kenn Minter

Writer: Kenn Minter
Penciler: Kenn Minter
Inker: Kenn Minter
Colorist: Kenn Minter
Letterer: Kenn Minter

Kenn Minter, a cartoonist living and working in Lexington, KY, surprised us in November 2000 with this Thanksgiving cartoon drawn for University of Kentucky Food Services. As the accompanying note told us:


    My name is Kenn Minter and I am a graphic designer/illustrator for UK's Auxiliary Services. Recently, my department had me create an ad campaign that consisted of comic strips centered around a character called Captain Cuisine. The strips ran in the Kentucky Kernel and appeared as full color posters in all the UK food service locations.

    We had come across your great ChemComics website and noticed that you had no strips for the element Indium. Hence, in one strip, I created a hero aptly named "Indium Woman" who possesses all the powers of Indium. (Could you please tell me what they are?).

    Anyway, enclosed is a gif image of the aforementioned strip featuring Indium Woman. Feel absolutely free to use this strip on your website... you have our permission (no lawyers will visit you).

    I will be sending a second gif with just the panel featuring Indium Woman that you can use as a link image.

    Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you can use the strip on your site.

In Episode 3, Indium Woman makes her first appearance, serving the traditional Thanksgiving Panda. She makes a brief return in Episode 4 as one of the Liberty Pals.  We hope to see more of Indium Woman in the future.

You can read more about Kenn Minter and his continuing characters Fez and Captain Cuisine at his www site.

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