Over the course of 3 annual pitches across Kentucky, beginning in '97 and all during the thick rupturous heat of August, 3 guys visit once-segregated black parks in Kentucky that were scratched from dusty, crumpled maps. Along the way, the cameras capped one on them too!

Here's how it works. You will see very little of Ari Luis Palos, since he was the visual digitizer; thus, he was behind the camera. You'll see quite a bit of me, because I was always yelling at Ari, shouting, "Shoot there! No! Shoot here!" After we got walkie-talkies, I no longer needed to shout. You see quite a bit of Brent Abshear, the proverbial 'yo-give-me-a-frameline' audio heavy. I don't know why this is, but I speculate that Ari found Brent pleasing to the Eye.

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