Meeting of the Board of Trustees
University of Kentucky
1:00 P.M.
September 15, 2009
18th Floor Patterson Office Tower

Oath of Office

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes - (Consent)
               Minutes June 9, 2009

2010 Schedule for Meetings of Board of Trustees

Nominating Committee Report

Election of Officers and Executive Committee

NCR 1 Appointment to Board of Directors — University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation, Inc.
NCR 2 Appointment to Board of Directors — University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Inc.

President's Report and Action Items

PR 1 President's Report to the Trustees
PR 2 Personnel Actions (Consent)

Audit Subcommittee Report

Academic Affairs Committee Report

AACR 1 Candidates for Degrees
AACR 2 Candidates for Degrees — Bluegrass Community and Technical College
AACR 3 Proposed Revision to Governing Regulation: University Organization — Chairs of Departments
AACR 4 Change in Degree — College of Engineering

Finance Committee Report

FCR 1 Gift from the Estate of Dr. Lilialyce Akers (Consent)
FCR 2 Gift from the Estates of William and Julia Cundiff (Consent)
FCR 3 Dr. F. Joseph III and Mrs. Joan Halcomb Gifts and Pledge (Consent)
FCR 4 Gift from the Estate of Margaret Bell Humphreys (Consent)
FCR 5 Keeneland Foundation Gift and Pledge (Consent)
FCR 6 Kentucky Medical Services Foundation Gifts and Pledge (Consent)
FCR 7 Gift from the Estate of Alice P. Killpatrick (Consent)
FCR 8 Gifts and Pledges to the Byron Young, M.D. Research Endowment for Neurosurgery Residents (Consent)
FCR 9 Providing for the Authorization, Issuance, and Sale of Approximately $105,000,000 General Receipts Obligations (Hospital Phase III Project) of the University of Kentucky, Pursuant to the Trust Agreement Dated as of November 1, 2005
FCR 10 Lease-Purchase of Health Management System
FCR 11 Renovate Third Floor Little Library
FCR 12 Changing the Name of Keeneland Drive to Campus Drive
FCR 13 Approval for Proposed Administrative Regulation: University of Kentucky Identity Theft Program ("Red Flags Rule")
FCR 14 Renovation of Equine Barns
FCR 15 Approval of Related Transactions
FCR 16 Easement Authorization for Legacy Trail (Maine Chance Farm/Spindletop Properties)
FCR 17 Patent Assignment Report
FCR 18 Capital Construction Report

Investment Committee Report

Student Affairs Committee Report

University Health Care Committee Report

University Relations Committee Report

Executive Committee Report
Institutional Goals for President Lee T. Todd, Jr. for Academic Year 2009-10

Other Business