Meeting of the Board of Trustees
University of Kentucky
1:00 P.M.
June 14, 2011
18th Floor Patterson Office Tower

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes (Consent)
               Minutes — May 3, 2011

Chair's Report

President's Report and Action Items

PR 1 President's Report to the Trustees
PR 2 Personnel Actions (Consent)
PR 3 University of Kentucky 2011-15 Diversity Plan
PR 4 Appointment/Reappointment to Board of Directors University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Foundation, Inc.
PR 5 Reappointment to Board of Directors University Research Foundation

Academic Affairs Committee Report

AACR 1 Candidates for Degrees
AACR 2 Creation of the Department of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery
AACR 3 Change in Degree — Gatton College of Business and Economics
AACR 4 Deletion of Degree — College of Education
AACR 5 Proposed Amendment to Governing Regulation, Part X, (Entrepreneurial Leave) and Administrative Regulation 3:1 (University of Kentucky Retirement Plan)

Finance Committee Report

FCR 1 Gift from Kentucky Christian Foundation to Replace Unfulfilled Pledge to Research Challenge Trust Fund (Consent)
FCR 2 Renaming of the Orchestra Research Endowment to the Lee T. Todd, Jr. and Patricia B. Todd Music Outreach Endowment (Consent)
FCR 3 Human Development Institute Scholarship Fund Quasi-Endowment (Consent)
FCR 4 Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Operating and Capital Budget
FCR 5 Acceptance of Interim Financial Report for the University of Kentucky for the Nine Months Ended March 31, 2011
FCR 6 2010-11 Budget Revisions
FCR 7 Accept Lexmark International, Inc. Gift and Approve the Renovate Old Northside Library Building Project
FCR 8 Renovate Research Labs
FCR 9 Disposal of Personal Property
FCR 10 Patent Assignment Report
FCR 11 Authorization to Negotiate to Acquire University Lofts
FCR 12 Proposed Amendment to Governing Regulations: Technical Corrections

Investment Committee Report

Student Affairs Committee Report

University Health Care Committee Report

University Relations Committee Report

Other Business
Athletic Association Board of Directors Report – Frank Shoop
Equine Research Foundation Board of Directors Report – Everett McCorvey
Mining Engineering Foundation Board of Directors Report – James Stuckert
The Fund for Advancement of Education and Research in the University of Kentucky Medical Center – Britt Brockman
The University of Kentucky Research Foundation Report – Erwin Roberts


Closed Session
Discuss President-elect Contract

Open Session