Meeting of the Board of Trustees
University of Kentucky
1:00 P.M.
September 11, 2012
18th Floor Patterson Office Tower

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes (Consent)
               Minutes — June 19, 2012

Chair’s Report

ECR 1 Annual Performance Evaluation
ECR 2 Performance Incentive Payment

Nominating Committee Report

Election of Officers and Executive Committee

President's Report and Action Items

PR 1 President's Report to the Trustees
PR 2 Personnel Actions (Consent)
PR 3 Proposed Revision to the Governing Regulations: University Faculty Appointments
PR 4 Appointment of Dean of the College of Engineering

Academic Affairs Report

AACR1 Candidates for Degrees – August 2012
AACR2 Candidate for Degree – May 2012

Athletics Committee Report

Finance Committee Report

FCR 1 American Music Library Endowed Fund Name Change (Consent)
FCR 2 Cardiovascular Imaging Professorship Fund Name Change (Consent)
FCR 3 William E. Seale Family Foundation Gift (Consent)
FCR 4 Easement Authorization for Kentucky Power Company Transmission Line
FCR 5 Construct Farmhouse Fraternity
FCR 6 Renovate Dentistry Class Lab
FCR 7 Renovate/Upgrade Softball Complex
FCR 8 Renovate/Expand Soccer Facilities
FCR 9 Development Plan with Shriners Hospital for Children
FCR 10 Lease/Purchase of Medical Equipment
FCR 11 Capital Construction Report
FCR 12 Patent Assignment Report

Investment Committee Report

University Health Care Committee Report

University Relations Committee Report

Other Business

2013 Schedule for Meetings of the Board of Trustees